We measure our success by one steadfast rule. In everything we do, be true. Be true to our word. We communicate openly, honestly and consistently. This vital part of our process keeps everyone on the same page, and keeps our projects on track as changes are made. Be true to our craft. We are highly skilled and highly regarded craftsmen, all in perpetual pursuit of perfection. Our meticulous attention to detail shows up in every aspect of our construction. And our portfolio of more than 600 architecturally correct custom homes is a true testament to our desire to stay at the top of our profession. Be true to our mission. More than 60 years ago, we made a promise to serve our clients by creating something genuine, enduring and truly remarkable. The bar we set for ourselves may seem unrealistic. But what powers us to reach it is unfaltering. We are driven by our purpose. We are guided by our principles. And every day, we are truly grateful to be doing exactly what we were designed to do.

Built to be True

In the construction business, the word true means built to perfection. When something is true, it is perfectly level, plumb and square: the ultimate mark of craftsmanship. A simple framing square, a humble tool we use everyday, symbolizes our commitment to be true to our craft, true to our word and true to our client.

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